Book in South-Africa

Pictures from the South-African family branch. Descendants of the emigrant Johannes Stephanus Kleinpenning (*1866)

During their vacation in South-Africa Hemmy en Marrie Kleinpenning from Zevenaar (NL) visited Charles Kleinpenning in Capetown. They went to South-Africa in 2001. Charles is the son of David Louie Kleinpenning (*1912). The father of David Louie was Johannes Stephanus Kleinpenning (*1866) who migrated from Amsterdam to Transvaal in South-Africa. This Johannes Stephanus belonged to the Amsterdam family branch.

  1. On this picture Charles Kleinpenning with his sister Kathy. On the right is Hemmy Kleinpenning. The picture was taken in Capetown.
  2. Marrie and Hemmy Kleinpenning with on the right Charles Kleinpenning and his wife Barbara.
  3. Hemmy, Charles and Barbara study the family book in Capetown.

More pictures in the family book.