Family book

“Vijf eeuwen handel en wandel van de familie Kleinpenning, 1510-2001” (The Kleinpenning Family through Five Centuries, 1510-2001) is a richly illustrated book on the Kleinpenning family presenting genealogical details of approximately 1700 related people. The book has been enlivened with descriptions of some of their occupations. It also describes how the Church was omnipresent in everyday life in the past. The book has 288 pages and contains more than a hundred photographs and other illustrations.

Gerard Kleinpenning (*1959) would not have been able to write this book without the enthusiastic support of many relatives who collected data, photographs and stories.

This well-reading book links the present to the past. It is a most valuable reference book that will be worth keeping and reading to members of the Kleinpenning family as well as to many people who married into this family.